About Us

Our aim at Vietnam Focus is to provide quality, great value Vietnam tours with a Vietnam based support team. Our amazing English speaking team in Vietnam will ensure that your Vietnam Experience is watched over, without being intrusive, from the start to the finish of your tour or stay. You will be able to process all your payments here in Australia with our team in Melbourne, knowing everything is in Australian Dollars with no international money conversion fees. Our Australian office is a registered Travel Agency operated by an experienced team.

We want you to be confident that you are booking and travelling with passionate people designing travel in Vietnam that gives you support from beginning to end. Select one of the amazing Vietnam Tours and Packages on offer, ask us to combine any number of our Vietnam Tours together or detail your list of must see and we will put together a private tour. Through the many Tours and Packages we offer you can experience areas of Vietnam no other tour operator offers. We put all this together and combine it with the best value on the net.  

As you can see we are actually two teams. Firstly our Australia team has had over 70 year's collective experience in hospitality, travel and internet based businesses.  As part owners in a web design business it was only natural to use their experienced web and programming team at Precedence to enter the Internet Based Travel industry. The Agency team have all travelled extensively and saw a gap in the market where travellers don't have a land based contact in the country they visit. An opportune visit by an associate of the Vietnam team, suggested that together we could create the perfect mix for the first Focus Website.

Team 2. Our team in Vietnam started with 2 young guys, one Aussie and one Kiwi working as tour guides throughout Vietnam. While there they began training local guides; then supplying guides for large tour companies. Now, several years later and still in Vietnam with families of their own, together with a dedicated team they provide Vietnam Focus with unbeatable value, excellent guides and extensibly researched tours.  

Our tourism philosophy ensures that all our products support RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL. This helps the country and the people of Vietnam.

Experience the difference yourself. Book your next Vietnam Holiday with Vietnam Focus for the Best Value Vietnam tours and accommodation in the market.